'Cause down the shore everything's all right
You and your baby on a Saturday night
You know all of my dreams come true
When I'm walking down the street with you

Jersey Girl

Just a stranger in strange land

petyr baelish one week challenge - [day 7] favourite quote: chaos isn’t a pit. chaos is a ladder.

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Petyr Baelish One Week Challenge: day 4 - favourite relationship
  ↳ with Sansa

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1. Steve Rogers is not just some dumb soldier who follows orders, he thinks outside the box and asks questions and considers consequences.

2. Peggy Carter had plans to eat that boy alive before he became a delicious roast beefcake in Howard Stark’s hottie machine. 

3. I don’t understand people who didn’t enjoy this movie. 

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When an actor stumbles into their fandom on Tumblr:


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Baelish challenge 2014 | day 4 - favorite relationship

 ↳ Sansa x Petyr 

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………has this been done before

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queen is like that one friend who always welcomes you back with open arms and a warm hug no matter how long you haven’t talked to them.

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Times Tumblr Raised Serious Questions About “Harry Potter”

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  • Guy on train: I'd fuck you if you didn't have so many tattoos.
  • Me: *turns up music*
  • Guy: I said I'd fuck you if you didn't have so many tattoos!
  • Me: *takes off headphones* Leave. Me. Alone.
  • Guy: Why the fuck do you have so many tattoos?
  • Me:
  • Guy: Are you fucking deaf as well as a piece of trash?
  • Lady by door: Hey. Leave her alone.
  • Guy: Are you her trash girlfriend? Fucking dykes, all tattooed like fucking men. Disgusting waste of pussy.
  • Lady: *moves forward, carefully moves jacket so only I can see the badge on her belt* Are you okay?
  • Me: Fine. Just wish he'd go away.
  • Lady cop: I can make that happen.
  • Guy: Oh, yeah, bitch? Who the fuck are you? I'll kill you!
  • Lady cop: And that's what I was waiting for. *grabs guy, holds him against the door* Harassing women on the train was enough, but you just threatened a cop. You're battin' a thousand tonight.
  • Entire train: *applauds*


Tibetan Buddhist monks Create Mandalas Using Millions of Grains of Sand-The Mystical Arts

Imagine the amount of patience that’s required to create such highly detailed art such as this! To promote healing and world peace, a group of Tibetan Buddhist monks, from the Drepung Loseling Monastery in India, travel the world creating incredible mandalas using millions of grains of sand. For days or even weeks, the monks spend up to eight hours a day working on one mandala sand painting, pouring multicolored grains of sand onto a shared platform until it becomes a spectacular piece of art.


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